Project status?

The culmination of 24 years of pen and paper design. A balanced classless system designed from the ground up.

Aspect has an easy to learn combat system that uses the same basic mechanics for physical, mental, and social combat - allowing you to play as a diplomat, sage, warrior, or anything you can dream of, and still contribute to the adventure in exciting ways.

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Project status?

Postby RobertSlaughter » Thu Mar 09, 2017 4:57 pm

So, what's the latest on Aspect. I thought it was quite good, especially at creating beginning characters who were both capable and distinctive.

The only thing I missed - and I may have overlooked it - was while characters had more capabilities, they didn't seem to advance and become more threatening. I'm glad to see a game without the power-curve of DnD or Pathfinder, it seemed Aspect was actually flat.

I hope the game isn't dead.
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