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The culmination of 24 years of pen and paper design. A balanced classless system designed from the ground up.

Aspect has an easy to learn combat system that uses the same basic mechanics for physical, mental, and social combat - allowing you to play as a diplomat, sage, warrior, or anything you can dream of, and still contribute to the adventure in exciting ways.

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Current Errata

Postby Heather Gunn » Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:34 pm

The major errata from the February printing:

Gentle Zephyr is a Minor action. Offhand Smash is a Standard action.

Moment of Peace is a Tranquil Utility Power.

Most attack element keywords can now be used with the Simple Melee and Simple Ranged universal attacks.

Basic Grapple immobilizes your target instead of weakening them.

The first line of Weapon (Keyword) (pg 8) should state: The Weapon keyword means you must use a weapon with this power. The first line of Implement (Keyword) (pg 8) should state: This is the same as the weapon keyword, except that you must use an implement with the power.

Supernatural — Shadow Stability and Shadow Talisman now grant a +2 armor bonus to physical defenses.

Parasite — Tendrils of Healing should state “ a free action you may have one ally in melee (Social) heal Social - 3 physical scratches...”.

Divine — Familiar Rituals now reads “You are proficient in casting rituals through a familiar. Learn one familiar ritual when you take this talent. Use your Nature skill when making checks to cast rituals with a familiar...”.

Self healing is no longer Endurance based, now all healing is Social based. Some ally healing powers will still heal Social dice + Endurance.

The toughness and improved toughness talents now instead grant Endurance - 3 bonus hit points.

Unified bonus types a bit more in order to minimize some of the crazy stacking possible.

Wit is now Savvy, Willpower is now Discipline

Magical artifacts are far less expensive now.

Mental Assault and Social Pressure no longer have the Simple keyword.

Bind wounds (nature) is now a more useful healing ability for all characters:

Bind Wounds
An ally is hurt, and you want to patch them up.

Standard Action, yourself or one physically damaged ally within melee 1. Roll against DT 15, +5 if the target is wounded, +5 if the target is a different creature type, +5 more if the target is of a different origin. Success means you heal Social dice of the target's scratches, plus an additional point for each 5 points you surpassed the check by. You may spend an action point to heal wounds instead of scratches (before making the skill check).

Whenever you fail this check enough to take damage, the target also takes the same amount of physical damage.

Two new keywords:

Necromancy (Keyword)
You can use powers with the Necromancy keyword to animate physically defeated or dead bodies, even skeletal remains within the range of the power. As a move action, you may treat a physically defeated or dead body as a temporary fodder grade companion, giving that target a full action of movement and universal simple actions. The target's movement will be obviously unnatural, a perception check against your trickery bonus will reveal it is being controlled by supernatural means.

Temporal (Keyword)
Powers with the temporal keyword can be used to affect time around you and the target area in subtle ways.
Temporal powers can be used to reverse or accelerate time on mundane objects in a small scale: restoring a note that was burned to ash within the last Mental minutes, causing a pot of water on a flame to boil in Mental fewer minutes, and so forth. The lost or gained time must be restored by the caster before this ability can be used again.
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