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The culmination of 24 years of pen and paper design. A balanced classless system designed from the ground up.

Aspect has an easy to learn combat system that uses the same basic mechanics for physical, mental, and social combat - allowing you to play as a diplomat, sage, warrior, or anything you can dream of, and still contribute to the adventure in exciting ways.

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Re: About Aspect

Postby Hybban » Wed Jul 13, 2011 12:24 pm

Ok let's start again :D
I would make a conversion saying for exemple (I don't have my books with me rightnow) that a minion is worth 10 CP, a hero 25 CP and an elite 50 CP. Knowing the total CP value of the group, I can build encounters. I just have to compute the conversion once.
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Re: About Aspect

Postby LightningFst » Wed Jul 13, 2011 11:19 pm

That sounds very similar to the White Wolf mechanism of leveling (I don't know if it has changed semi-recently, its been a while since I played it) where characters increased their skills/attributes based on character points they earn over time.

Personally I don't really see much difference between the two in this case if you use the conversion, whether you want to say each character is at X CP or at X level, the result is the same. The only advantage I can see to using CP instead of level is it allows you to reward players in increments other than 3.

From a design perspective, it appears that 3 CP is a relatively important number in the leveling scheme as it forces players to choose either a power or skills/talent, but not both. If this leveling mechanic isn't that important, then I see no reason why giving out increments of CP would be a problem - it might be worth playtesting just to see what works better with the system mechanics.

Personally, if I got 2 CP instead of 3, my nature would want to find something to spend it on rather than wait to save up for a power. If I was looking forward to a power, I would have a sense of delayed gratification - the power would mean more but at the same time there would be a small amount of frustration in having not enough points.
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Re: About Aspect

Postby Cal » Thu Jul 14, 2011 9:44 am

One thing we've found, partly by playtest, is that XP, representing difficulty of a monster, isn't linear with the CPs or stats used to build the monster.

Given the topic drift, I suggest that if you wish to continue you start a new thread for alternatives to XP for leveling.
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