Calling All NPC's

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Aspect has an easy to learn combat system that uses the same basic mechanics for physical, mental, and social combat - allowing you to play as a diplomat, sage, warrior, or anything you can dream of, and still contribute to the adventure in exciting ways.

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Calling All NPC's

Postby Palimbar » Tue Aug 30, 2011 10:41 am

I have 2 weeks before the next gaming session and we have just finished a combo adventure I made with Derriston Fire and HTBD. There are 6 players, one of which is a freshly made Dwarven Rangerish person. The rest are from the modules because I wanted to see how the two groups would integrate. So as we move on this adventure is a trip towards and into Falindor. Any suggestions or NPC's that you would like to have dropped in would be great and I will be posting the summary on the boards somewhere after is gets approval from a moderator. So please, tell me what you want to see and, barring some mode of brain dump, it will get into the adventure. Looking forward to stomping some PC's with a Shadowleech Drake!!!

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