Aspect Core Rulebook 2012!

The culmination of 24 years of pen and paper design. A balanced classless system designed from the ground up.

Aspect has an easy to learn combat system that uses the same basic mechanics for physical, mental, and social combat - allowing you to play as a diplomat, sage, warrior, or anything you can dream of, and still contribute to the adventure in exciting ways.

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Re: Aspect Core Rulebook 2012!

Postby Cal » Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:04 am

I was hoping to see more feedback from outside play testers. If you find anything Aspect doesn't do well that you think it should do, please let us know.
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Re: airships, Am I the only one around here who likes steampunk? But Tamra (Heather) handed down a hard directive that the airships would not be steampunk. The tech behind the airships is ambiguous other than the most common variety using balloons. We put a lot more work into how the game mechanics worked than how the airships work in the game world.

Re: character sheet redesign, There is an alternate version in the works that visually ties Skills and Defences more closely to the Ability grid. One side effect of the redesign is that powers would have to be moved to a second page to make room. I'm hoping we can get it finished for the next major edition.
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Re: Aspect Core Rulebook 2012!

Postby Heather Gunn » Wed Feb 06, 2013 8:28 am

RobertSlaughter wrote:I hope you are happier now, and your life continues to improve.

Yes! And thank you =)

As long as it's not steampunk. Magitech fantasy is OK (where the development of magic parallels post-medieval technology development).

Not steampunk. Magitech is a decent equivalent, but it is easy for a GM to reflavor either way.

Maybe we need a separate thread, but what do you need us externals to specifically try out in our playtests? What questions should we answer in our feedback to you?

Cal's reply is pretty good, but I'd add this: at this point I feel Aspect is at a very solid state. But that's probably just me. So I need to know from the playtesters like you: where are the rough edges?

Keep us posted. I may spring for an updated hardcopy.

Thanks! I'll mention it here.
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