Dark Lords is released!

The last two Dark Lords were the greatest evil the Galaxy had ever known. They're dead now and every other villain in the Galaxy wants to take their place.
Unfortunately, the last two took the secrets of Dark Lordship with them. As far as anyone can figure, there are three hard and fast rules:
1. You must wear lots of black
2. Your name must be Dark something-or-other
3. There can be only one Dark Master

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Dark Lords is released!

Postby Heather Gunn » Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:28 pm

You can get your copy at The Game Crafter! We are now working with The Game Crafter to build higher quality editions of our games. Dark Lords, our launch title, is a game about Villainous Secrets and Interstellar Conquest. Head on over and pick it up!

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