A clever strategy board game for 2 players

Use your smart bombs, samurai hogs, scare tactics, and other nefarious methods to out-manuever and out-demolish your opponent.

The heavier fire you use, the stronger the weapons you leave for your opponent. The bigger the bomb, the more likely you'll hit your own hogs. But friendly fire doesn't matter all THAT much, just as long as your hogs are the last ones standing. The rest are just Acceptable Losses.

On your turn, you can play a card that will either destroy enemy hogs in some pattern, convert enemy hogs to your color, or drop a pattern of your colored tokens onto the board. The first player to destroy all enemy hogs wins the game.

Game includes all pieces needed to begin your battle:
  • 57 two-sided yellow/red counters
  • 24 yellow/red playing cards
  • Game board
  • Instructions
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