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July  30, 2021
The culmination of over 30 years of pen and paper design. Built from the ground up, Aspect Prime is finally here.

Its rich mechanics allow for sharpened words as well as sharpened blades, duels of social wit and mental cunning as well as strategic physical combat familiar to veteran gamers. Plus it uses nifty dice.

Thank you for all your support. The Core Rulebook and Dice are complete (and available now!), and now the real fun begins. Let's Play!
July  10, 2020
Aspect Prime begins NOW.

We launched a Patreon for the game, come check it out, we'll be posting regular updates on the game's progress. See you there!
February  18, 2012
Stone Tablet Games will be at DunDraCon 36 in San Ramon, Ca.
The Aspect Open Beta 2012 edition is available for sale, in addition to our Casual games.

See you there!
April  21, 2011
Here There Be Demons, a brand new FREE Aspect quick-start adventure for Free RPG Day 2011 has shipped.

Look for it on June 18 at a participating game store in your area.
February  20, 2011
Stone Tablet Games was at DunDraCon 35 in San Ramon, Ca.
For the first time, the Aspect Open Beta and The Derriston Fire were available for sale, in addition to our Casual games.

We co-presented the Do it Yourself RPGs seminar, while John Stack ran a continuous demo of The Derriston Fire.
February  1, 2011
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