Four of the world’s most valuable paintings are in one museum. The master thieves Black Fox and White Tiger are teaming up to nab them all in the heist of the century. And if they have the time, they may just steal some plants as well.

Steal the paintings. Don't get caught.

Art Thief is a fast cooperative game for two players or solo play.

Each turn you draw and play a room card, then move your thief. If the card played has the same item on it as two other cards already in play, one of those cards gets flipped and is no longer accessible. Can you complete the heist before the guards close in on you both?

Art Thief comes with an easy mode for learning to play the game, a hard mode for master thieves, and some optional rules (below) for spicing up the gameplay.

A fast, strategic, cooperative game that fits in your pocket?

What a steal.

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