The ever-changing dungeon adventure for 2-6 players now in its 3rd edition!

Dungeon Escape is a dungeon delving adventure where the dungeon changes with every adventure. Find a treasure and escape before anyone else. But keep an eye out for obstacles, monsters, and rival adventurers.

Some rooms have loot to help you on your way. If you come to a room with a monster, you must fight it. When defeated, the monster's loot is yours. Loot can be Potions, Enchantments, Weapons, Supplies, or Treasure. These items help you surpass chasms, rivers, other monsters, and other obstacles. Four rooms have a Treasure you seek, but beware the fourth treasure room. A fearsome dragon guards his Treasure!

Be the first player to grab a treasure and make it back to an exit room to win the game.

Game includes all pieces needed to begin your adventure:
  • 60 room tile cards (2 Exits, 4 treasure rooms, 54 rooms with and without obstacles)
  • 2 starting room cards
  • 48 inventory item cards (Potions, Enchantments, Weapons, Supplies, Treasures)
  • 20 inventory item tokens (6 green supply tokens, 5 red potion tokens, 4 blue weapon tokens, 3 purple enchantment tokens, 2 yellow treasure tokens)
  • 4 bridge / tunnel tokens
  • 2 six-sided dice
  • 10 player and monster pawns (colored cubes)

Dungeon Escape! 3rd Edition has several minor tweaks to rebalance the rooms and items. For example, the dagger now surpasses locks! We also added one new item as well: the Dragon Shield, which surpasses fire and darkness as well as providing a +1 while defending.

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