Ketchup with a big combo and relish your victory.
Chain together your condiments to make custom sauces and slather them over meals they'd taste the best on. Hoard your condiments to bust out a massive chain at the end of the game for mega points.

Each condiment links to three other condiments. Link together several condiments to make big points, or play one or two at a time to build up your saucy reserves. The elusive eleventh condiment and the sauce monster can make your combos even bigger. The unique card drawing mechanic makes your condiment stockpile vary wildly throughout the game. Read the ingredients to find out what is REALLY in horseradish (hint: it does not contain horse or radish) or plan your next brilliant concoction, it is up to you. Just don't get caught with a bunch of unused packets at the end.

Game includes:
  • 30 Menu Items
  • 54 Condiment Cards
  • Instructions
You will need:
  • A notepad and pencil for keeping score
Warning: This game may make you hungry.