Pick up Aspect Prime Dice and get rolling.
Designed from scratch, the Aspect Prime Dice are the core of the system. They are what make it possible to dynamically combine abilities on the fly to create new moves, aim for accuracy or power, take big risks and win big rewards. We posted a full article over on our Patreon if you want to learn more about the math behind the dice.

Pick up a set of Aspect Prime Dice and you'll get:
  • 4 Add dice (the blue ones)
  • 4 Balanced dice (the purple ones)
  • 4 Critical dice (the red ones)
  • 1 Mysterious Oracle die (the other one)
  • 5 Crystals for Action Points
  • 1 Stylish Tin to fit it all in
Exactly what you need to bring an extra adventurer on your journey!

Join us and rekindle your enthusiasm for tabletop action-oriented fantasy adventures.

Alternately, you can get both the dice and book together in one sweet deal over here.

We also have a set of papercraft dice to make your own Aspect Prime dice over on the Print page for free! Don't worry, we won't tell.