Pick up Aspect Prime and start making your own legends.
Rebuilt from the ground up, Aspect Prime is not your ordinary dungeon crawling, dragon slaying role playing game. Its rich mechanics allow for sharpened words as well as sharpened blades, duels of social wit and mental cunning as well as strategic physical combat familiar to veteran gamers.

Comes with a set of Aspect Prime dice!
In these 198 pages, you will find rules for:
  • Arcane magic
  • Divine authority
  • Elemental control
  • Martial prowess
  • Supernatural pacts
  • Custom pets and minions more
Don't be a cookie-cutter character! Mix and match 16 unique power set groups with four combat roles to be as flexible or focused as you want. Choose from over 40 sub-species in the Common Accord and their unique traits or make your own hybrids. You can even use the other species or easily make new ones from scratch.

Encounters are easy to set up as Aspect Prime handles Physical, Social, and Mental combat, each using the same mechanics.

Aspect Prime brings:
  • 25 ready to play example characters
  • Freeform Gear! A pet calico cat that increases perception? A death magic poison tattoo? A heart of cheese? You define it.
  • Spell Quirks: hidden secrets of magic for players to discover
  • A 14 page chapter on the World of Annor, Aspect Prime's core world
  • 125 challenging foes
  • Easy rules for making your own races and monsters
  • Includes a set of Aspect Prime Dice if you order directly from us!
Join us and rekindle your enthusiasm for tabletop action-oriented fantasy adventures.

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